Centennial Coal Mine

Project: Mine Site, Lithgow
Service: Balance tank
Supervisor: Daryl Marcantelli

This tank has an effective volume of 1.6 million litres.


The first challenge with a tank this size is always the design. We worked on designing a lightweight yet compliant roof using AS1170.2 Wind Loads as our guide.


The panels were manufactured using high strength steel to keep the weight down and make the site teams life easier. We also designed a new pump system for our jacks allowing for level lifting over a large area.


The tank was in a national park so we had to be sensitive to the local flora and fauna and also be organised and efficient with our logistics.


Daryl was the star of this show. Running this project onsite from start to finish alongside another tank which we were refurbishing on the same site.


Ben and Faz worked on the tank design which was an interesting and challenging process.


Andy with Claire’s support ensured we were compliant with Centennial Coals stringent safety and reporting procedures ensuring any issues were dealt with efficiently.

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