St George Hospital

Design, manufacture and install
Project: St George Hospital
Service: Sprinkler
Supervisor: Owen Mahutarhi

120kl Sprinkler tank on roof. Designed to AS1170.4 with seismic restraint.


Tank Vision supplies tanks into multiple hospitals across Australia. One of the challenges with importance level 4 buildings is seismic restraint. Two of the most crucial factors when designing to section 8 of AS1170.4 Earthquake Actions, are the mass of components used in the creation of the tank, and the height at which it is attached to the main structure.


This tank was located on the roof of the building and due to the volume had a mass exceeding 125,000kg. This is one of those ‘worst case scenarios’ for design accelerations.


To overcome these challenges Tank vision worked closely with Lewis and Dunnings Engineers, who are widely regarded as the leaders in Seismic design for construction projects, and using F.E.A. analysis we designed the tank to withstand the required forces.


Owen and Andre, with support from others, led this project on the ground whilst Farshad, Andrew and Ben worked on the design and manufacture. Our client understood the unique nature of this build and helped us achieve the common goal which was to bring the project in on time and on budget.

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