Sofitel – Wentworth

Tank Replacement
Project: Sofitel-Wentworth
Service: Hydrant
Supervisor: Daryl Marcantelli

Tank Vision are the industry leaders in replacing, or refurbishing, tanks in existing buildings.


There are many challenges involved in this process, of which the first is ensuring the hotel guests have enough water supply during the works to go about their business. Tank Vision supply and install a temporary bypass tank for the duration of the project.


Another factor to consider is the building being full of guests, so we must be flexible with our working hours.


So what needs to happen with the existing tank? Firstly, it needs to be taken apart and then removed from the building without causing any damage or disturbance. Once this is done, we can install, connect and commission the new tank. We work with a small team of licenced sub-contractors, who carry out plumbing and electrical work for us when we need it. We have worked with them for many years and not only trust them, but guarantee they will carry out all their work with the same high standards of professionalism and care as we do.

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